Here at Gibson Productions we focus on producing video and audio content aimed at children’s education and entertainment.

We specialise in creating videos for YouTube channels, and other social media platforms, that are aimed at children. Some of the highly successful channels we produce videos for are listed here in our portfolio section.

We are a dedicated team of professional songwriters, singers (several languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian), 2D and 3D animators, video editors, copywriters, and child actors.

We have realised that and that is why we focus only on video content for children.

YouTube channels that cater for children are one of the most profitable channels on that platform. Most of these channels easily make 6 and 7-figure annual income, just on Google ad revenue alone! On top of that, some channels take it even further and promote the products (like toys and accessories used in their videos) through affiliate marketing, which boosts their earnings even further.

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