Hi, I’m Rodrigo Gibson.

I’m a musician, cartoon designer and animator, technophile, audiophile, language coach, designer, cook, traveller (and I mean it – I’ve lived in 4 different continents, and been to over 35 countries worldwide). I’m 42 and I currently live in Hungary with my Hungarian wife. I’m a citizen of Australia, where I spent a great part of my life. I also grew up in Venezuela, Chile, and the USA. Most of my immediate family members are scattered throughout the aforementioned countries. 

I’ve played guitar since I was 14, and I’ve also learnt to play bass, piano, drums, and general music composition. I love creating music and teaching.  I also love drawing and creating cartoons. Even though I’m not an expert, I’m quite confident using several pieces of software to create stuff. Like Adobe Illustrator, Character Animator, Adobe Animate, Logic Pro X, Audacity, and some other programmes. 

I made this website to bring to you my creations, and to teach what I know, and share my passion with you. 

I hope you enjoy the content hereby provided from the heart. 

Yours sincerely, 

Rodrigo Gibson.