We produce quality music and videos for children’s entertainment and education

About Us

Here at Gibson Productions we produce music and videos for children’s education and entertainment. From lyrics to music composition, to story boarding, to animations, to actor and singer casting, all the way to recording and post-production and final delivery.

We produce audiovisual content for some of the most popular Kids YouTube channels. You can check out some of our work in our portfolio page.

At this stage we write, sing and perform songs and scripts only in English and Spanish.

We adhere meticulously to all of YouTube’s community guidelines and we strive to make sure every video is fully compliant with their strict rules.

Before engaging in a production, we make sure all the children have proper waivers signed by their parents or legal guardian, ensuring every party involved (us, the production company, you, the client, and them, the children and parents) is legally protected.

We have very competent and passionate staff on our team, including sound engineer, camera operators, lyricists, music composers, singers, child actors, editors and attorney.

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Below you will see some examples of our work.

Baby Shark - Let's Go Martin Channel

Let’s Go Martin boasts over 8 Million Subscribers and over 2 Billion views. We are proud to contribute to some of their success. 

Swimming Safe - LGM Canciones Educativas Infantiles

Our new client LGM Canciones Educativas Infantiles. 

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We produce quality music and videos for children’s entertainment and education

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